The 2017/2018 curling season is among us.  Club and league registration for the season is open and available via the website. We officially start our season October 14th when we get access to the building.  Starting then, we will need your help to get the ice and the facility setup for our use. We will reach out when we are closer to the date.  While we are all very excited to get back on the ice, the fun has not stopped in the offseason for our board. Several efforts have come to a head to make this upcoming season better than ever.  I wanted to share a little bit about what we have been up to in the off season at the club.

First, I am very pleased to announce that we kept fees level with where they were last year.  These league dues remain lower than many of our counter parts because we operate like a club and not a business.  We have also decided to remove volunteer fees this year with the expectations that we see greater levels of volunteerism.  Our goal is to remain a club not a business, and because of this we must have higher levels of volunteer participation throughout the year.  Todd Berg will be leading the volunteer push this year so please be nice to him.  Plan on sharing a little time & your talents with the club and our visitors during the year. 

This brings us to the next giant accomplishment, our club obtained our official non-profit 501(c)(3) status this offseason.  This has several benefits to allow us to be closer with our community and enable our future planning. It was a five plus years effort that finally came across the finish line in August.  Many thanks to Geoff Goodland for spearheading this project and making it happen.

On the ice, we are planning on quite the active season.  We are trying to get the word out to the community and find ways that they can more easily participate with our club.  Hence, we have made the decision to triple our Learn to Curl events and carry them through the year.  This will hopefully reach people that we haven’t reached before.  Additionally, we plan on introducing short mini-leagues that will hopefully attract some newer curlers to get out and try their hand at real games.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have secured two National Championships to happen on our ice this year.  The Mixed Doubles National Championships and the College National Championships will both be happening at our club this year.

Beyond these featured new events, we still plan on keeping our existing events that have gained quite a bit of notoriety in previous years.  The Metropolis Open Junior Spiel, Leinienkugle’s Open Bonspiel, and Newbie Spiel are bringing in curlers all around the region.  Last, make sure to get your team set for the Club Championship happening in March.  It will be here before you know it.

In summary, there has been a ton of great progress making our club stronger and your experience better. I want to thank our past president Pete Marsnik for setting the table and the Board of Directors of Clint Merrick, Dustin Steinbrecher, Todd Berg, Krister Nevin, Jenna Burchevsky.  I’d also like to thank our Club Manager Jeff Thompson, Ice Manager Jason Card, and all the various helping hands that help us keeping our club moving forward and a great part of our lives.

Please enjoy yourselves this year.  Come join us, and tell you friends!!!

Good curling, 

Spencer Eklund

Eau Claire Curling Club
President | Sunday League Conveyer | Newbie Speil Committee
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O: 715-836-7446| C: 715-864-6464

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